First blog on our new website!

    Wedding photographer or blogger?

    We are definitely wedding photographers not bloggers. Our first post on our new website! We’ve never been too great at blogging. It’s always been the thing that gets pushed to the bottom of the to do list. We’ve probably not blogged since 2017, when our little boy was born. Which in wedding photographer terms, is a very long time! We’ve photographed about 100 weddings since then so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

    We hope to post about weddings, wedding photography, a little bit about wedding planning and maybe (if we have time) write about some other stuff we’ve got lined up.

    Our aim is to populate this with some interesting reads on wedding photography and other stuff but it might take a little while so we need a few cheerleaders encouraging us along the way.

    Documentary wedding photography

    For now, if you’re just looking around, please start with reading a bit about our style because these days literally every photographer offers documentary wedding photography. Sure every photographer captures documentary moments at a wedding but there’s more to documentary moments than confetti shots and photographing the first kiss. We join in, we chat, we try and capture love, life, laughter, tears and feelings.

    We genuinely don’t set anything up. Yes, we take a few group photos and couples portraits but we take a short amount of time doing these. This means the rest of the day is all about you enjoying time with friends and family (rather than with your photographer). Because your wedding day shouldn’t feel like a photoshoot, wouldn’t you agree?

    Here’s another awesome wedding photography slideshow at one of our favourite venues, Oaklands near Driffield because this is the best way we can explain how we work.

    1st August 2019