Luxury Wedding

    Be prepared for a significant amount of favouritism in this post because this is Letitia and Brendan. Letitia is Jenni’s beautiful sister and Brendan is our brother in law. These amazing people got married at Rise Church then onto the very impressive Rise Hall and not to blow our own trumpets but not only were we the photographers at this wedding, we were bridesmaid and groomsman AND we had our toddler there with us. Challenge extended wedding photographers!

    This wedding was so beautiful and so well organised, all of the chic acrylic signs, wedding favours and little details put together by Peach Hampers, their wedding gifts to family and friends were top notch as a result too.

    New York Brass Band playing the couple down the stairs to Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up” is literally one of the finest moments of any wedding, ever.