This is us

That is us messing around on our engagement shoot, now you know what we look like! Even though we are photographers, we kinda hate having our photos taken but it was fun.

He’s Alex and She is Jenni, married, 2 cats, 1 child!

So that’s the basics and we’ll tell you more about us later if you’re interested but the important bit is what we’re about. Genuinely we love honest photography, not contrived or over posed.

We shoot for your wedding day, not our portfolios, sometimes 100% documentary but mostly 95% with some couple photos and group shots involved.

How we shoot



We’re friendly, we like to chat, we get to know people, we mingle and get the best photos by getting a feel for your day. Your friends and family are very important, we don’t spend the whole day just following you two, you’re the main event but a wedding day is about everyone.



Importantly we’re very honest, unlike a significant amount of photographers we don’t “massage” a situation, you won’t find us interfering or telling you what to do, although we’re happy to offer our experience, it’s your wedding day, we work around you, it sounds obvious but it’s a real difference in approach.



There are definitely photographers out there who have a schedule and very fixed ideas about how to photograph your wedding day. Usually the weddings look similar which is what some people love. For us, we’re proud that if two friends have their weddings photographed by us, they’ll look different because they are different.

the day and beyond

  • We start the day with bridal and groom prep photos usually around 2 hours before the ceremony
  • One of us is usually at the front and one at the back during the ceremony
  • Group photos are done quickly and efficiently, without endless variations of the same thing!
  • Your couple photos usually take around 20 minutes so you can get back to your guests
  • We stay after the first dance

Inbetween these moments you’ll find us chatting to your guests and taking photos, looking for interesting angles and keeping an eye on the light. DISCLAIMER: It’s worth noting that Jenni is particularly good at hide and seek and Alex has no shame so will take photos of anything – you’ve been warned!

A little more about us

More information about us as promised earlier…

  • Our wedding was on Halloween 2015 in Prague – it was amazing 🙂
  • We have an adorable baby boy, his name is Walter Teddy Trouble (it’s a long story)
  • We have two naughty cats – Winnie and Beetlejuice
  • Our favourite band is The Cure, but we really love music and could talk about it for hours
  • Jenni has an MA in Fine Art, used to be a teacher and once exhibited her artwork at the Venice Biennale
  • Alex has a BA hons in Design so isn’t as clever as Jenni but has been published in print a number of times and was formerly a DJ and a web developer
  • Favourite films include The Crow, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Addams Family, Dazed and Confused, Empire Records, The Blues Brothers and Dogma
  • We love adventures and travel – Japan and Iceland are top on the wish list
  • Our photographic and artistic inspirations are: Vivian Maier, Christian Vogt, Sophie Calle, Martin Parr, Salvador Dali, Elizabeth Price and H.R Giger. The list is pretty endless!

– Thank you to our good friend Henry Lowther for the photos of us 🙂