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We got amazing photos and two new friends, they blended in and were totally relaxed throughout the day
— Emma and David

Welcome to Cluskey Smith Weddings your first port of call when looking for a Yorkshire Wedding Photographer. We are Alex Smith and Jenni Cluskey an engaged couple (soon to be married) with an unusual sense of humour, and who also take amazing wedding photographs

Whether you are looking for Wedding Photography in York, Hull, Beverley or the surrounding areas, we know that as well as great wedding photographs, it's important to get a great service. We're friendly, we blend in, we're on hand to help out with general goings on and we're entirely professional when it comes to the photography, but honestly life is to short to take much else seriously.

People have described our photography as timeless, bright, happy, relaxed, quirky, contemporary, occasionally vintage and sometimes classic.

We think our style is a bit nomadic and prefer to give you photographs with a natural vibe that suits you as a couple rather than us as photographers. Some call it documentary photography, others reportage, there's probably a lot of names for it but for us, it's quite simple - great looking wedding photography, with minimum fuss.

Most importantly your day will flow as it's meant to, no big stops for loads of group shots or heavily posed couple shots, we're happy to take a few but if you're anything like us, you'd rather be enjoying your day with friends and family rather than standing around for ages waiting to have your photos taken.

Anyway, take a look around the website, have a look at our photos because that's what you're here for and get in contact, we'll arrange a meet-up to have a chat about your wedding with no obligation.